The LVHRC is a collaboration of research teams from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Europe and the US. It represents a consensual alliance of like-minded professionals from independent health research organizations with an interest in the health lives of Lake Victoria fisherfolk. This is not a contracted or legally bound entity.

The composition of the consortium is dynamic and can include research organizations, service providers, policy makers and civil society. Membership in LVHRC is voluntary, without dues or contractual obligation. Consortium members will meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a not-for-profit organization or government agency
  • Must be able to contribute to the understanding of the health and HIV issues faced by Lake Victoria fishing communities or to addressing the gaps in services and service delivery in this population

Any party wishing to become a member of LVHRC can submit a request to the CMC. Approved members will each sign a consortium memorandum of understanding.

Individuals constituting the LVHRC CMC are determined by their affiliated research organization. Members of the CMC will elect a Chair who will lead the activities of the committee for a period of one year. Members of the international advisory committee (AC) and LVHRC focused project teams are elected by the CMC.