Dr. Zachary Kwena

Dr. Zachary Kwena

About Dr. Zachary Kwena

Dr. Zachary Kwena is Social Scientist who received both his first degrees and PhD from Kenyatta University. Dr. Kwena is currently a Fellow with the Consortium for National Health Research (CNHR) pursuing his postdoctoral training in Medical Geography.

He works as a Social Scientist and investigator at Kenya Medical Research Institute’s Centre for Microbicide Research based in Kisumu. He has been an Investigator and Study Coordinator on a number of research studies including one on a male microbicide trial among fishermen and several other qualitative studies.

He has also been involved in training, conducting and supervising qualitative data collection and analysis of data in a number of studies. Dr. Kwena has been working with the fishing communities on Lake Victoria since 2004. His current study is ‘A resurvey of all 545 married couples previously enrolled in a sexual concurrency study in the fishing communities on Lake Victoria in Kisumu, Kenya’ to understand the magnitude of changes in sexual behavior and HIV incident infections.

Dr. Kwena is part of a Pan-African network on social aspects of HIV/AIDS sponsored by the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa and a member of Organization of Social Science Research in Eastern. Dr. Kwena’s research interests include care seeking behaviour, couple STI/HIV research, patient-provider interface, social aspects of HIV.